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Tormentum - Dark Sorrow - a Mystery Point & Click       MOD APK       Posted 2018-03-10


Tormentum - Dark Sorrow - a Mystery Point & Click mod latest version for android system - modify top best mobile applications & games.


TORMENTUM is a dark fantasy Point and Click adventure android game with plenty of puzzles and mini android games. Obtain ready for an adventure unlike any other!A nameless character finds himself in a mystery put between fantasy and nightmare. He doesn't remember his name nor where he comes from. Wandering through strange lands, he struggles to explore the truth about the globe around him, as well as about himself. Can you escape from this dark globe with plenty of devilish puzzles?The dreamlike, nightmarish atmosphere of the android game was inspired by the works of painters H.R. Giger and Zdzisław Beksiński. The game's final look and feel was also strongly influenced by the universes of dark fantasy android games such as Demon's Souls or Dark Seed. This special mixture gave life to a bleak and depressing world.If you like gory mobile adventures that sit somewhere between a hidden object android game, a room escape, and a puzzler, then you're going to have fun it. – Pocket Gamer Key features:▪ No in-app purchases! No advertisements!▪ THE GAME WORLD: 3 realms, differing in architecture and monsters inhabiting them. You'll meet characters with special personalities who will support you - or test to prevent you from - reaching your goal.▪ ART: 75 hand-painted rooms in a special dark fantasy setting.▪ PUZZLES: During your journey you will come versus 24 varied logical puzzles and minigames.▪ STORY: A dark fantasy adventure between dream and reality.▪ MUSIC: Exceptional soundtrack with over 40 tracks.Moreover:▪ Moral choices which will affect the game's ending.▪ Uncover the secrets of Tormentum - Dark Sorrow. Follow the clues and solve challenging puzzles and mini-games. ▪ 4-6 hours gameplay.▪ Solve the puzzles and riddles, explore the another rooms, use your skills and do whatever it takes to escape from this dark globe.▪ Tons of puzzles, clues, and stuff. Gather tools and stuff to aid in your escape from dark castle.• Retro Android game, revisit to the classic point and click android game▪ Languages: English, German, French, Spanish, Polish, Russian. Italian, Portuguese, Portuguese-Brazil, Hungarian, Czech, Turkish▪ This android game works in OFFLINE mode without internetAll in all, this is one of the best Point & Click adventure android games I've ever played. For fans of the genre or horror android games in general, this android game won't disappoint. – Android game Walkers (9/10)Every single piece of art is absolutely stunning and the gameplay complements it well. It has a supreme length for what it is and the globe stays with you well after you’re finished. Tormentum is one of the most strikingly visual point and click adventure android games and the little squad at OhNoo Studio should be proud of what they’ve created. – Pixel Related (9/10)If you wish a amazing point-and-click android game with amazing artwork, an engaging story, this won’t take you long to obtain your head around, I would definitely say to give Tormentum – Dark Sorrow a go – Voletic (7/10)This is simply a gorgeous point & click android game, with visuals that make a dark, shadowy globe that oppresses you with negative emotion. This is kind of a blend of point & click adventure and those hidden object search android games, so the screen is always loaded with intense detail. – Bluray AuthorityUltimately, Tormentum comes close to forming a amazing point-and-click adventure in 2015, but the lack of dozens in the puzzle design really drags down the whole experience. – GamingTrend (75/100)The two sides have finally met in the middle! About ten years back, as adventure gaming continued to trundle along before its latest renaissance, hidden object android games became a hugely famous form of “casual android game”. – Rock Paper ShotgunTormentum – Dark Sorrow is a gloomy and fascinating take on the point-and-click adventure android game. – Android game RantVisit OhNoo Android games, a developer, producer, and publisher of point and click, puzzle, adventure, casual, android games!▶ Like us:▶ Twitter: @OhNooStudio▶ Email us:▶ Learn more about OhNoo android games at

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For Android: 4.0 and up Tool: Tormentum - Dark Sorrow - a Mystery Point & Click mod apk
When updated: 2018-03-10 Star Rating: 4.8
Name: Tormentum - Dark Sorrow - a Mystery Point & Click apk mod free Extension: Apk
Author: OhNoo Studio File Name:
Current Version: 1.1.0 User Rating: Teen
Downloads: 5000-10000 Version: mod, apk, unlock
System: Android Type: Adventure





- bugs fixed - animation improvements


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